Apr 172011

[The information imparted to you here as part of the following analysis of celebrity relationship issues presume that you have read or are able to reference the book titled, The Mammalian Way (TMW) authored by Gary James….]

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has had the tattoo dedicated to her ex-husband and pro basketball player Tony Parker removed from her body for good.

Their marriage and subsequent break up is another classic example of a committed relationship becoming a complete failure because one or both people involved either misread the influence of the force of nature called The Mammalian Way (TMW) or they do not even know that it exists!

The one fact that will glare at you when you use the tenets of TMW to analyze the reports related to their story and why they broke up is the fact that after the wedding Tony Parker kept texting other women.

This is an example of TMW defense mechanism called Perversions of Honor (POH) in men. It’s one of two defense mechanisms (one for men, one for women) made manifest by the instincts as a temporary measure to protect the survival of the species under certain environmental circumstances (for a more complete understanding of POH in men reference the book titled, The Mammalian Way).

However, these defense mechanisms can work against the relationship as well as for the relationship (for a more complete understanding of why this is so reference the book, The Mammalian Way). And in this case his continuing to text other women right after they were married is a telltale sign that Tony Parker’s POH defense mechanism was working against the relationship because despite their marriage vows etc. (which is a cognitive element of social behavior) his mammalian instincts did not “see” or accept Eva Longoria as THE ONE for him. Rather, TMW influence kept doing what it’s supposed to do in that it kept on with it’s “prime directive” by urging him to continue to find THE ONE!

Shocking as this may seem the fact is Tony Parker was merely following the urgings of his species survival instincts that converge into a singular force known as TMW in order to underwrite the procreation process whenever “guy meets girl”. And we, like Tony, are all veritable slaves to this force of nature even though most humans have no idea that it exists just yet. Meanwhile,

Does this mean that Tony Parker gets a pass? F#@k NO! Eva did the right thing by divorcing him. But what if there was a way or ways to either avert such an intolerable situation as the Eva Longoria – Tony Parker saga and the like, or to really see that type of situation coming and change it’s course well before TMW works against hers, his, or YOUR relationship?

The answer is simple. LEARN what TMW is and how it operates. Whether you are looking to fall in love and mate, date, or just find a trust worthy companion or sex partner TMW can work FOR you and FOR the relationship. And, it can help to protect you from becoming another statistic in the myriad of relationship failures…. Read the book…. Listen to the audios…. Set yourself free…..