Feb 152012

[The information imparted to you here as part of the following analysis presume that you have read or are able to reference the book titled, The Mammalian Way (TMW) authored by Gary James….]

Big Ben Rothliesberger is the youngest NFL quarterback to win a super bowl. In fact he’s has two Super Bowl rings. But amongst  twenty-something year old women, who do you think they are most apt to recognize, Ben Rothliesberger or this other guy?

And this is a perfect example of how “The Mammalian Way” instincts influence human behavior. Rothliesberger has learned a little bit about the swagger of an Alpha male because amongst football fans (especially male football fans) he is considered to be an alpha male. But remember, his status as an alpha male regardless of his successfulness is just a perception. And men have a very different perception of what is an alpha male/female than do women. Rothliesberger is a successful professional athlete and so it is easier to understand why male football fans would revere him as an alpha male. But not necessarily so with women.

The night in Atlanta when he experienced some trouble with one of the twenty-something women who was in the night club Rothliesberger was surrounded by several men who paid him the typical homage given to a successful professional athlete when those guys know of his professional reputation.  

However, Big Ben’s reputation as a professional athlete and the related perception that he is something special does not necessarily transfer from the “jock worshippers” to a twenty-something female because a twenty-something female may have had no idea who he is… And you can’t force her perceptions to be attracted to him or to accept his professional prowess as worthy of giving him sexual favors in a nightclub bathroom just because a band of male “jock worshippers” tell the woman about him! No way Jose….

On the other hand, if the other guy pictured above (Robert Pattinson star of the Twilight Saga) would have walked into the Atlanta club behind Rothliesberger that night I would bet mortgage money that in less than a minute the twenty-something year old crowd of women would have recognized him…In less than five minutes Pattinson would have been surrounded by scores of twenty-something women like bees to nectar and eventually maybe even have sex with him right on the dance floor…. that is if he was willing to go for it

As it stands Ben Rothliesberger has been bitten in the balls twice now because he either does not know or chooses to ignore the powerful influence “The Mammalian Way” instincts have over the social behavior between men & women…especially where sex can become a factor. And just like gravity, if you violate a law of nature you will usually pay the price even if you don’t know the law exists. Ben (and millions of men like him) face many issues with women and they desperately need to read my book. In short order it can teach men how to treat women with the dignity they deserve without the risk of women seeing those men as clueless, classless, asses…or a whuss!

Remember, alpha male and alpha female is only a perception. And it’s the self imposed individual perception(s) of the person doing the perceiving that determine what is honorable, powerful, or attractive….

For a full explanation of The Mammalian Way and how to have this deeply influential force of nature work for you instead of against your best efforts to have positive encounters with the opposite sex click here for the audio and/or the book….