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[This article is an analysis of celebrity relationship issues from the perspective of instincts that were discovered to be a major influence over how humans behave when Girl meets Guy and some sort of attraction ensues. The analysis presumes you are becoming familiar with these instincts and have read or are able to reference the book titled, The Mammalian Way (TMW) by Gary James]





The main thing to consider when we start to dissect a life that had a street credibility of being princely, dignified, or the likes, as is the case with JFK is to first realize that the force of nature called The Mammalian Way (TMW) has been influencing all heterosexual males & females who have completed their attack on puberty since at least the beginning of civilization.

 The mostly mammalian relationship that occurred between JFK and Mimi Alford (who is the woman that authored a book titled, Once Upon A Secret) that chronicles the intimate experience she had with JFK is a perfect example of how TMW instincts can spawn an attraction & a connection between two people, and that connection can indeed become fulfilling for both of them even though the conditions that made it possible are/were dubious.

However, when TMW connection is mitigated instead of modulated by our power of reason [a/k/a our cognitive capacity (CC)] is when that relationship can also become quite painful at the very least.

Thus when analyzed from TMW perspective the relationship encounter between JFK and Mimi Alford actually turned out to be an optimum benefit for both of them under the circumstances even though Mimi might have incurred an emotional scar. However, it is still worth a TMW analysis because millions of people have found themselves to be or are now in a similar situation and may want to avoid the issues but glean the benefits of a similar encounter!

I also realize that some of you might shriek at the thought of Mimi and JFK both getting what they were “looking” for from their encounter. But the fact is, by the accounts of their mammalian way attraction as told by Mimi and the media they both had followed the tenets of TMW instincts as naturally and innocently as lambs.

Many people site the fact JFK was 25 years her senior and the President of The United States when they met as evidence he took advantage of her. However, his age has no bearing at all on how TMW instincts function and the fact he was President is precisely what her TMW instincts “saw” as his power in order for him to be perceived by her instincts as worthy. This of course only reinforces the fact they both followed TMW naturally and innocently.

The main variable in their encounter is that of how we humans tend to misuse our cognitive capacity to mitigate instead of modulate TMW’s influence. And this opens up a literal Pandora’s Box of possibilities.

Between their prior experience(s) and up bringing (or lack of it) caused both JFK and Mimi to mitigate instead of modulate the intent of TMW and this is the main area where the true relationship issues that can cause great pain in your life occur (For a more complete understanding of these points and more read the book The Mammalian Way™).

Meanwhile, there are two major mitigating circumstance related to TMW influence to consider in the JFK/Mimi encounter.

One: Even though Mimi admittedly took the job as an intern at the Whitehouse partly because of the contacts she would make, no one informed her of the actual circumstances of meeting JFK socially BEFORE he joined her in the swimming pool and then into bed with him (i.e., she was going to be “asked” to be his sex partner as the main reason for his interest in being with her).  

In effect Mimi’s free will to choose to say no was compromised. And that’s very bad form for JFK or for any man because veering around someone’s free will is something that can be avoided without compromising a fledgling mammalian connection that would ultimately give them both what they are looking for…. HOWEVER, most men are so afraid of being said no to when they obviously want sex that they tend to lie….. And this is usually unnecessary. But that’s what JFK evidently did. Alas, there is an undisputable fact, no matter how powerful a man actually is, he is subject to her individual PERCEPTIONS of what is truly powerful about a man. And this can be scary for men.

And just like all heterosexual men, JFK was prone to allowing his insatiable need for receiving honor to be compromised and reduced to one of the many ways men cognitively engage in the act of perverting their own honor in favor of what is often referred to as Fragile Male Ego….

When it came to interacting with women JFK did not seem willing to reveal even a drop of courage…. And this is likely because he was married and also the President of The United States.

If so then he surely did not want to risk the down side of what could happen if people who elected him were told of his penchant for promiscuity. His lack of courage with Mimi by not telling her the truth was the cognitive equivalent of “covering his ass” so to speak (i.e., plausible deniability). 

Plus, if Mimi would have said no to JFK’s overtures his ego would have been “dissed” (even though men often think that it’s his honor being dissed in such situations). And this is a real issue in men, they can seldom separate ego from honor. [For a further explanation of ego vs honor read the book and listen to the audio.]

By lying to the woman a man actually suspends his honor in favor of his ego (a perversion of honor) in the “eyes” of HER INSTINCTS!

Of all the issues between men & women this is the most prolific… And even the great & wonderful JFK suffered from men’s Perversions Of Honor™ (POH) with respect to lying for the sake of obtaining unmitigated attention & sex. And the amazing thing is JFK just like most men never see that when they compromise a woman’s free will by lying to her for that purpose, the result is she INSTINCTIVELY loses respect for the man. She may never let it show but that’s what happens. (For further explanation read the book The Mammalian Way™)

None the less, set aside the compromise JFK pressed on to Mimi for a minute and you still have a TMW connection made between two sets of mammal instincts (her instincts saw him as worthy of a physiological encounter that could include sex with her because of what she stood to gain….his instincts saw her as an immediate, fresh, young, innocent, sex partner). 

Therefore, Mimi was not likely to say no to the president even though he was married because the concept of marriage is a cognitive issue. TMW instincts have no idea what to do with anything cognitive so they pretty much ignore them.

Plus, if JFK would have been honest with her the sex and treatment he received from her would have likely been so much better because his mammal instincts would have been in line with her instincts as well as in line with her cognitive need for security. In other words, Mimi’s entire sweep of her Pendulum Swing of Insecurity a/k/a (PSOI) would have been satiated. And that I can assure you is a rarity in relationships because most people in a relationship are not following the tenets of TMW. [For further explanation about the physiological coping mechanism in women read the section called Pendulum Swing of Insecurity™ (PSOI) in the book titled, The Mammalian Way™ (TMW).]

[NOTE: TMW is a complete paradigm in and of itself. It is based on only a single assumption. All other information related to the theory, the working model, the book & audio series is based on conclusions from existing facts, some of which may seem arguable until you get a sense for the complete picture (paradigm) by applying TMW into your own life. Thus far, 100% of the people who apply TMW into their daily lives have gleaned benefits and tend to quickly see the value of knowing how it influences human behavior.]

Meanwhile, JFK missed out on “A” grade sex and genuine honor from Mimi all because he lied to her unnecessarily. And the trauma of being lied to has evidently lingered inside of Mimi to the point that many years after the occurrence(s) she felt the need to vent it all in a book. However, other than not telling her the complete truth before they had sex they both got what they bargained for from their encounter….

Two: with all his family power and all his education, and lessons in allocution, his experience, and his connections, JFK was evidently NEVER taught by his parents or any of his other teachers about the importance of behaving with honor around women and still be able to procure a viable sex partner.…(this is a trait that all men need to be taught to develop because it fits perfectly within the parameters of how to modulate instead of mitigate TMW instincts, and it gets TMW instincts working FOR the people in the relationship instead of against them. Even if that relationship is only for one night the long term results for EACH individual will be much better) E.G., as they make their way to the bedroom JFK only needed to tell Mimi that he wanted to make love (or have sex) with her and that she has the right to say no…. That’s really all it would take because given their reasons for being together in the first place (i.e., his being honest would have caused HER TMW instincts to become aligned with HIS instincts as well as their mammal instincts being in line with their cognitive capacity). 

Whenever humans can align their cognitive capacity with their mammal instincts and there is a sexual element involved the ensuing modulation of TMW most often causes the woman to INSTINCTIVELY and automatically intensify her physiological honoring of that man. This will almost always cause him to sport a firmer erection and for her to become extremely wet between the legs…..much more so than would happen when a man lies to her. And the sex will typically escalate into a primal frenzy (Plus, as a side note, since genuine honor is present and not ego, a man will more likely be able to handle the frenzy and not be intimidated by it). Meanwhile, 

As far as JFK cheating on Jackie, that’s really between JFK & Jackie. Under the circumstances it would have been none of Mimi’s business. If Mimi presses the cheating issue then no sex with JFK is the probable outcome.

OK fine! But when you stick your nose into affairs where it does not belong then do not be surprised if you fail at your goal(s) as an intern. Or another way to look at it is: Mitigating TMW instead of modulating it’s intent (which is to provide both people with what they desire from the same relationship encounter [i.e., for JFK it was a casual sex partner…. For Mimi it was a successful tour as a White House intern where she made life-long contacts]) will almost certainly put an end to the relationship where neither party receives what they desire, and the experience will likely become a painful memory to boot! How terrible….

TMW instincts prevail in all relationships sooner or later and it is entirely possible that JFK’s set of mammal instincts had Jackie (his wife) pegged as game that had been bagged by the hunter-gather aspect of his honor drive as his instincts kept driving him on to “Find The One” despite being married….That’s how TMW can bite a perfectly good relationship in the buttocks. Your instincts either accept the one you’re married to as THE ONE or they don’t. If they don’t unless you do something to rectify that situation and get the instincts between him & her aligned then you’re fighting your instincts and that is a losing battle….. It’s a self-abuse battle that has been unnecessarily fought for millennia born out of our sheer ignorance. WHAT’S MORE, THERE ARE WAYS TO AVOID OR ABATETHE PAIN AND STILL ENJOY HAPPY FULFILLING RELATIONSHIPS….

What can regular people take from the JFK/Mimi encounter? It’s time for humans to wake up and realize that our mammal instincts are very powerful. They cause men to be prone to POH and women to PSOI so long as we live in an imperfectly safe environment. Learn what this means and how to modulate them in your own life. Read the book, listen to the audios, set yourself free from the anguish that ignorance of TMW can cause. I am here to help you.

Best to you,

Gary James