Mar 042012

[This article is an analysis of celebrity relationship issues from the perspective of instincts that were discovered to be a major influence over how humans behave when Girl meets Guy and some sort of attraction ensues. The analysis presumes you are becoming familiar with these instincts and have read or are able to reference the book titled, The Mammalian Way (TMW) by Gary James]

Celebrity marriages can be just like any other marriage in that they typically have their share of relationship issues. Still, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher had as good a chance as any other couple to have a successful marriage. However, if the reports from the media are at all accurate then it is evident that Demi and Ashton are completely devoid of understanding how the force of nature called The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) operates on heterosexual relationships. And they are not alone.

The fact is, once you apply the tenets of TMW which is the lowest common denominator of influence in all personal/intimate relationships you can easily discern for yourself that regardless of your station in life how a lack of knowledge about this inescapable “force of nature” has plagued human personal/intimate relationships since somewhere near the beginning of civilization.

A prime example of this plague is when you do not know how The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) operates, or that it even exists as a force of nature, then what can usually happen is that the very loving relationship you started with early on ends up in utter failure.  And neither person involved can ever really explain WHY or what happened!  Hence, so much mudslinging (blaming) occurs.

Demi & Ashton’s marriage was rather like that. Their marriage relationship failed because they simply did not know they were being influenced by The Mammalian Way™ and what to do because of it’s influence in order to give their lives the optimum in a happy, peaceful marriage. And they, along with the people around them including the media blamed the symptoms and not the source of the issues related to what can happen when you misread or misunderstand how TMW truly operates on each gender. 

For example, some of the reports and suggestions as to why their marriage failed were because:

Their age difference:  Nope, given the fact they are both over 18 and TMW instincts begin to emerge in human behavior as a force at the age of puberty, if Demi and Ashton would have known how TMW operates and influences human behavior when “heterosexual Girl meets heterosexual Guy”, they would have already known that TMW instincts treat age as irrelevant. (A further explanation of this is in my book) 

Demi is/was/became very insecure:  No kidding!  However, this is a very normal physiological state for a woman to be in when she is involved with or in love with a man.  It’s a direct function of the imperfectly safe world we all live in.  (again, for further explanation check out the book)

Demi’s insecurities emanate from her set of TMW instincts.  And oddly enough, she needed Ashton (or rather his instincts) to be entwined with hers in order for her personal relationship insecurities to optimally subside. This is a natural part of TMW connection and when correctly nurtured the mammalian connection is also the place where elements such as love, commitment, companionship, romance, etc. truly grows! (much more on this is in the book The Mammalian Way™)

By all accounts that I have read, TMW connection was likely present between Demi and Ashton in the beginning of their relationship and it was also likely never nurtured for whatever reason(s).  Thus we have a marriage relationship that marked itself as “doomed for failure” from the very beginning.  And it goes to show that things such as fame, fortune, or sexual attraction cannot replace a solid mammalian connection between two people in a relationship.  (For further explanation read the section in my book on the coping mechanism for women called the Pendulum Swing Of Insecurity™, aka. PSOI)

Remember:  TMW instincts main functions are to continue the survival of the human species.

Ashton cheated!  Yep, from another report it appears that he sure did and of course this is unacceptable behavior.  The irony is, a man’s motivation to cheat actually comes directly from his “honor drive”, which is a part of TMW set of instincts for men.

The fact is, when a man’s honor drive cannot or does not receive enough unmitigated attention to satisfy his humongous instinctual need for honor, he will then INSTINCTIVELY and often automatically find a perverted way to fill that instinctual need.  And through any number or manner of ways in order to achieve this “false honor” he requires, even as a temporary measure, he will continue to do so until “real” honor comes along.

Cheating is just one example of Perversions Of Honor™ a/k/a (POH) in men. The fragile Male Ego is another….and the entire list of ways that men can pervert their honor is quite extensive to be sure.  POH is a psychological-cognitive coping mechanism for men. It automatically emerges out of his set of mammalian instincts when a perceived imperfectly safe environment fails to provide genuine honor.

**Note:  The instincts do not know the difference between one form of POH to another because they all emanate from our cognitive capacity.  It’s only a matter to what degree these are displayed. Some POH are rather benign (e.g., a wandering eye for other women while his wife is standing right beside him) ….and some POH are unconscionable (cheating).  However, for TMW instincts all POH carry the same rank because they satisfy a man’s honor drive with “faux honor”, which is supposed to be a temporary thing.  [For further explanation of POH and what you can do to avoid or mend relationship issues related to it read the section in my book under the heading titled Perversions Of Honor™ (POH) in men, and listen to the relevant audios.]

Does any of this mean that Ashton gets a pass for cheating? That’s up to Demi…. ???

So what can regular people take away from this analysis?

Fame, fortune, sexual attraction, fledging love, and the likes CANNOT replace a solid mammalian connection between two people in a relationship ….. because TMW is the “place” where all relationships will either grow or wither.  Do not allow your lack of knowledge about TMW bite you in the crotch, or in the buttocks, or in your heart!   

Read the book….. listen to the audio series….. Learn, understand and improve your quality of life!

My Best to you….  from Gary James