Mar 182012

In this section I will cover aspects of certain myths and verities (truths) related to you applying The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) into your daily life, and to be able to use it as it is intended to be used, namely, as a relationship tool.

Each synopsis will include a link to an audio where you can purchase and download the relevant information that gives a more complete explanation of how to use it in your daily life. PLUS, all of the information shared here presumes that you have read or have access to the book The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) as a point of reference.   

The subjects include;

The myth that a woman’s sex drive operates the same as a man’s sex drive.

The myth of men being naturally non-monogamous.

The myth that women are prone to fantasy’s of being raped.

The truth of why men/women cheat.

The truth of why many men do not officially commit in an otherwise committed relationship.

Why the Mammalian Connection is of utmost importance in order to build and maintain a loving relationship

The truth of why men are getting worse in their treatment of women… and why an ever growing number of women are completely fed up with men.

The truth of Men’s Honor Vs Ego… They are not the same thing.


INSTINCT SPEAK: The instincts communication method of choice. All relationships are subject to the scrutiny of his/her instincts. The underlying reason(s) why a relationship succeeds or fails.

LAMENTATION: the pathway to open silent communication between his/her mammalian instincts. It’s the easiest way to cater to each other’s emotional and physiological needs…..  

These as well as other essential points of relationship interest are covered in part here, in part in the book, and the audio series. You also have the option to speak with me live (Contact me or my manager Mia to make those arrangements). I offer all of these methods to provide you with choices to assimilate the much needed understanding of how The Mammalian Way (TMW) operates into your daily life. The sooner your awareness gets in line with your instincts intentions the sooner you WILL be better able to actually enjoy the company of the opposite sex and even find THE ONE. Best to you always….. Gary James

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