Apr 132012

[This article is an analysis of celebrity relationship issues from the perspective of instincts that were discovered to be a major influence over how humans behave when Girl meets Guy and some sort of attraction ensues. The analysis presumes you are becoming familiar with these instincts and have read or are able to reference the book titled, The Mammalian Way™ (TMW) by Gary James]





It is great to see that Adele is evidently in a happy loving relationship again after her break up with Slinky Winifield, who no one seemed to like and her involvement with new boy friend Simon Konecki who everyone seems to like. But the fact remains since Adele is evidently not aware that inside her lurks a set of instincts that never truly connected to Slinky called The Mammalian Way™ (TMW). And even though it is possible for Adele (or any of us) to learn something from a failed relationship that we try to not repeat in a new one, if Adele (or any of us) remains unfamiliar with how TMW operates then she will likely repeat many of the same errors she made with her ex relationship in her new relationship with Simon.  

Professionally, it might be a good thing because she writes terrific sad love songs. Personally, from what I’ve read Adele would rather not feel such pain & anguish again as she did while she was with Slinky.





I know it may sound a bit presumptuous of me to say but the fact is, since it’s discovery I have yet to see TMW fail to produce; positive results for a relationship and the people in it where at least one of them are aware of TMW’s existence and how it operates…. and negative results where they don’t.

I did not invent TMW…. No, TMW is nature’s gift to humans and is designed to be an excellent self socialization tool that ultimately helps humans to perpetuate our species. All I did was discover the fact it has existed inside humans for a very long time and I uncovered how it operates in order for we humans to use it to our benefit.





The major issue embodied in this has plagued human beings for millennia. It’s the age old scenario where people blindly enter into one relationship after another and without realizing it…. each time they create a confrontation between their brain’s cognitive capacity (CC) which does not reach a complete maturity until age 25… and their own TMW social instincts that are given to humans at birth but they do not begin to congeal into a useable social tool for when Girl meets Guy force of nature that influences platonic, sexual, or romantic relationship behavior until the age of puberty…. And the result of not knowing that TMW exists and that it can be harnessed by Y-O-U in order to benefit your personal relationships with the opposite sex is the chief reason why most relationships fail and cause you much unnecessary pain & anguish….. (Do not let this happen to you) Meanwhile,

If not for the tremendous success rate we have had thus far in profiling a relationship’s success or failure based on TMW predictors my discovery might be arguable. As it is, unless Adele or anyone who is in a similar situation (out of one relationship and into another) will sooner or later face the cognitive issue of placing what you want (or what you might say/feel you want at any given time) from a relationship, head to head against what your TMW social instincts want for you (because TMW’s job is to ensure species survival at all costs).

And Adele’s situation is a sterling example of the millions of relationships that begin as flame on LOVE binges or they grow into love…. and end in utter failure. Even though it makes for great song writing material, and Adele says that she and Slinky are again friends not withstanding, the relationship issues that people live with and their failure rate that is so pervasive within human culture, we have come to accept taking such a risk time & time again as normal.

Where, all we do is fall in love and hope for the best…. Even if you give certain credence to the potential for the intrigue we can gain from not knowing at all how a relationship might turn out measured against the genuine pain & anguish that a break up can bring into someone’s life, and in light of my discovery the notion of falling in love and just hoping for the best is so old way of thinking that it no longer belongs in the mind set of someone in LOVE!

Especially since there has always been a nature's way alternative that sadly remained hidden from our love-life until now…. LOVE as it were either grows or it tends to wither. ONE of the things that I uncovered in my discovery is that the place where love connects to inside human beings in order to grow IS the mammalian connection I call The Mammalian Way™ (TMW)… And this knowledge by the way is a big reason for the success rate we have had in helping people gain far more pleasure and far less pain in relationships…. Bottom line here: If Adele ever finds and applies TMW into her life as many of you already do it will help her write terrific love songs that she says she now wants to pursue that are in league with the fantastic "break up" songs that made her famous. 





ADELE’S TMW ANALYSIS: Adele meets Slinky. He helps her to realize adulthood. However, the mammalian connection bond that formed between them was evidently weak because HIS TMW instincts did not “see” her as THE ONE, so his TMW instincts kept pounding at him from the inside out to continue his search for THE ONE. He did that and he might have even cheated on Adele and lied about it in the process. (Men are veritable slaves to TMW but they also fight against it ferociously because men are very phobic when it comes to emotions. It’s why men cheat and why they are prolific liars when it comes to relationships).  At any rate Adele & Slinky break up and it was a painful experience for Adele to be sure…

And now there’s Simon. From what I’ve read He & she are currently getting on just fine. But since Adele is still unfamiliar with the tenets of TMW I can SEE that she runs the risk of repeating the same errors that she made with Slinky. For example, a woman in love will often deny her own instincts to a fault. This is one thing that happened with Slinky. Adele ignored the signals her instincts were sending her that Slinky was not the one. And it’s because she does not yet know how TMW operates and so she does not trust her judgment with men….And even though she will likely have indirectly gained some knowledge that put her cognitive judgment in line with her instincts as a result of her experience with Slinky it might not help her at all with Simon.

Unless Adel is in touch with how TMW operates she is poised to make the same errors again & again… It’s possible for her to wise up by learning some things about TMW’s influence through trial & error (but that’s the very long way to put her cognitive judgment in line with her instincts which is something she can learn to do by simply reading my book and applying it to her life RIGHT NOW). But if she cognitively decides the old paradigm of trial & error is the way then she will also be running a race against time before she finds herself so stressed out over relationship issues that she becomes ready to compromise her standards or just gives up….

And in that Adele is just like millions of other women who do not trust their own judgment when it comes to men….By the way, that’s the game changer for a woman because once she knows how TMW operates INSIDE EACH GENDER (and the sooner the better) she will then be able to trust her own instincts and make confident and accurate judgment calls on men….and her life in relationships becomes more fulfilling, happier, and safer). Plus, men overall are getting worse and worse in the way they treat women and I am certain it can only be fixed as a one on one process using TMW as the social tool it was meant to be….      

Meanwhile, I suggest you read my book, listen to the audios, and set yourself free…. Be well, Best Wishes,

Gary James